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Why I Love Basketball



When I was 14, my dad was hit head-on by a drunk driver. We were so very lucky; my dad survived the horrific crash. He suffered broken ribs, a cracked knee and a brain injury.

At 14, I didn’t fully understand the complexity of brain injuries. I didn’t realise how big of an impact this injury would have on my dad’s life, my mother’s life and the lives of me and my siblings. (more…)

What I Learned When I (Temporarily) Quit Twitter

I decided rather spontaneously to take a bit of a Twitter break to recharge after finishing Veda this year.  Because the break was something I decided to do five seconds before I did it, I hadn’t really thought about what, if anything, I’d learn from the whole experience but turns out there was a lot to learn.  So in no particular order, here’s what I learned from my brief break from Twitter: (more…)