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Festive AF

I’ve always been known to be a bit of a Grinch. There have been years where I’ve even refused to have a tree in my house. I haven’t wanted to bake. I’ve banned Christmas music from my house, car and office. I’ve had no interest in participating in the holiday at all.

But something weird happened this fall. The second November hit, I started to feel this strange itch to decorate for the holidays. To put up my tree, bust out the twinkle lights, start baking and watching those horrible Hallmark holiday movies.

I wanted snow on the ground. Okay, I wanted snow on the lawns and rooftops, but not on streets, sidewalks or driveways, but you get the idea.

It’s been a little unsettling to feel the urge to be festive at all, let alone this early, but there I was. Setting my Christmas tree up the day after Remembrance Day. Tuning my radios to the all Christmas music stations. Pinning cookie recipes. I’ve even hung twinkle lights in my damn windows.

Why have I been feeling like this? Because this past year has been a giant dumpster fire. It’s time for some festivity and joy, damnit. I’m done with the bullshit cesspool that is 2018.

If I have to shed my Grinchy ways to get a break from all this terrible, horrible, very bad year, then that’s what I’m going to do. Bring on the twinkle lights, cheesy movies and overplayed Christmas carols. I’m going to squeeze every last bit of joy out of this time of year. Who’s with me?



Secret Santa

My dad’s parents settled in the north end of the city shortly after they were married.  They were married in September 1956, so their first married Christmas happened just a few months after their wedding.  A few days before December 25th that year, my grandparents received a notice from the department store Sears that their stove had been paid off.   They asked around, trying to find out who had been so generous by paying off their stove, but no one seemed to have any idea who’d paid it.  It was a mystery.

The next Christmas, my grandparents were celebrating their first Christmas as parents.  It was my dad’s very first Christmas.  Again, a few days before Christmas, they received a delivery from Sears.  It was a Christmas present for my Dad, from this secret Santa.  My grandparents still had no idea where the special deliveries were coming from.  By each Christmas growing up, my dad and his siblings would always receive a mystery delivery from this generous secret Santa.