Music Monday: Top Ten Songs from HIMYM

After nine long seasons of How I Met Your Mother, tonight the show wraps with an hour-long series finale. In honour of the show that has definitely been a favourite of mine, I’ve put together a list of my top ten favourite tunes from the series. Continue reading “Music Monday: Top Ten Songs from HIMYM”

Tunes Tuesday: GRAMMY 2014 Edition

The 2014 GRAMMYs took place this past Sunday.  I’m not really an awards show person.  Unless it’s the Tony Awards, and let’s be honest, I watch that because Neil Patrick Harris usually hosts it and he’s just pure talent.

I remember catching bits of the GRAMMYs last year and thinking that they were absolutely horrible. I might’ve snarkily even likened them to the MTV Awards (You know, the kind of quality show that makes twerking a thing).  This year’s GRAMMYs felt like an odd celebrity edition of Glee; lots of mashups, lots of dramatics. But it kinda worked for me.  Continue reading “Tunes Tuesday: GRAMMY 2014 Edition”

Tunes Tuesdays are back!

Tunes Tuesdays are back! And by back, I mean, I’ve been meaning to actually write something for my poor, neglected personal blog for a while, but I’ve been getting writer’s block. I’ve been doing some blog content for a few clients’ blogs and have been ignoring or having no creative energy left for my own blog. But Tunes Tuesday gives me something to write about, so it’s back for at least this Tuesday.

In the past, my Tunes Tuesdays have featured either a new band I’ve been obsessed with or a list of tunes I’ve been really into lately. For Christmas, I was spoiled with a lot of iTunes cards, so I’ve been on music overload lately and it’s been just fabulous. Here are some of my recent additions to my playlists: Continue reading “Tunes Tuesdays are back!”