Currently August Pandemic Edition

The Currently Project is a super old blogging series in which bloggers would share what media they’re consuming, what projects they’re working on and what they’re into at the moment.


Strangers playing video games. I’ve found Twitch is very good for background noise.  I’m also watching Critical Role now that is back in production, and when I need to laugh until my body hurts, I rewatch the first season of Narrative Telephone.


I’ve honestly had a hard time focusing on anything long enough to read. I’ve been reading the Followers by Megan Angelo for the last four months. 

But! I’ve recently picked up Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer and I highly recommend it!

Kidding. It is a complete mess. But I am reading it for a good cause. For Snark Squad! Mari got the band back together for the very special occasion of Meyer republishing the same story a 3rd time! This time from the perspective of the abuser. We’re just getting started, so feel free to check out our recaps over on the Snark Squad blog.


Sorry, but I am complete trash for Taylor Swift’s folklore. I feel those songs in my bones. 

I’m also listening to the Arkells’ latest tunes on repeat: People’s Champ, Years in the Making and Quitting You. I’m only listening to music that makes me feel all the feelings, apparently.


To cope with the global pandemic, like many others, I have taken up a new hobby. Sobbing into my tea or wine, while burrito-ing in my sherpa fleece blanket. While listening to folklore.

I’m kidding. I’ve been doing that for years. But I have taken up painting. I’ve wanted to try it out for a while, but I had zero confidence in my ability. But the pandemic has done some weird things to me and I decided to stop listening to the voice telling me I couldn’t. I found an artist on YouTube that had some really great tutorials. I’d highly recommend Emily Mackey’s YouTube channel. It’s so peaceful.


I’m planning to enjoy the rest of my vacation and then slowly prepare myself to go back to work. I’m actively avoiding thinking about it right now, because returning to my physical office after working from home since March 13th is panic-inducing for many reasons. It feels like a waste of the past four-five months of social distancing, of being in lockdown, of having social bubbles when we’re going back to everything as normal, when we’re still in the middle of a global pandemic. lol, yolo, I guess.


What I’m loving right now is all the things I’m using to distract myself from all of the garbage going on out there in the world. So in no particular order: FaceTiming with my niece and friends, watching the birds at my bird feeder, the feeling of the sun warming my skin, painting, playing Animal Crossing, getting my house ready sell.

What are you up to these days?