Listed: Lesser Known Talents


It’s time for another Listed, inspired by Listography.  Each Monday, I’ll be posting a list topic.  Feel free to join in.  You can share your list in the comments or in your own blog post.  If you’re blogging Listed Mondays, be sure to leave a link to your post in the comments so I can add you to my List.  Okay, onto this week’s list.  Here goes.

Lesser Known Talents

  • Baking (My specialties are pumpkin spice whoopie pies)
  • Managing money (Personal budgets AND work budgets)
  • Experimental cooking (As in I make the recipe up as I go along and it usually results in success)
  • Expert sight-reader (Musically speaking)
  • Magic Mixologist (I make a mean mixed drink… or six)
  •  Procrastination wizard (This is fairly self-explanatory, but seriously, I’m the best at finding other things to do in order to avoid doing what I should be doing)

What about yours? Get listin’.

 photo credit: stargardener via photopin cc