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Getting Started

I’m the worst at getting something started.  I’m a perfectionist. I don’t want to start something unless I’m absolutely certain I’ve made the right choice. I don’t like to start something unless I know I’ll be successful with it.

That’s just three excuses, if you gave me some more time, I promise you that I could come up with a hundred more.

The closest thing to the truth in my excuses comes down to that last one.  Failure.  I’m not exactly a stranger to failure. I have started a lot of things that I’ve failed at.  Projects.  Jobs. Challenges. Relationships.  It’s not like I ever go into something new with the intention to fail.  I try.  I give it my best go.  But sometimes, things just don’t work out.  When things go wrong, it’s important to remember it’s the getting started and trying new things part that matters.

So all that being said, here goes another crack at NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).

Check out my fellow NaBloPoMoers:

And if you’re thinking about giving it a go, join usssssssss.  Leave me a comment and I’ll add you to my list.

It’s that time of the year.

It’s nearly November and you know what that means… National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) time.  The one month in the year where I (make an effort to) blog every day for a month.

The biggest challenge I have with the whole post-a-day challenges is usually coming up with 30 days’ worth of blog topics.  The beauty of NaBloMoPo is that their are prompts for each day and there is a community around the project to keep you writing.

This year, I’m taking on this challenge with some friends from Twitter, so be sure to check out their NaBloPoMo posts on their blogs:

We’ll be NaBloPoMoing with the BlogHer community and I totally suggest you all join us.


Let’s do this.