How to Avoid Making BIG Decisions

My guide to avoiding making a decision.  I find you can apply this to any decision making process to help you avoid actually making a decision:

1. Consider all your options. Then decide that this is STUPID, this is too much pressure and you can’t possibly be expected to decide about this RIGHT NOW.

2. Browse Tumblr, because, as you’ve already decided… This decision making is not going to happen today.

3. Take a walk to your favourite coffee shop, chat up your barista, consider trying a new blend, but eventually settle on your regular order. Find the perfect spot at the coffee shop to enjoy your coffee. Preferably at a table between a hipster writing his latest screenplay and a couple on an awkward first date.

4. Text your friends and tell them you have a BIG decision to make and you’re dealing with it by not dealing with it.

5. Check Twitter. Because, well, it’s been at least ten minutes since you’ve checked your feed and there might be something new or interesting that you’ve missed.

6. Fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole. Resurface two days later, full of ideas for your garden design, home colour palette and recipes for dinner that you can make with a tin can and a tiny lighter.

7. Check Twitter again, cuz you’ve probably missed A LOT while you were lost on Pinterest.

8. Curl up in bed, on the couch, or some other relatively flat, but comfortable surface. Hide under a blanket. The BIG decision can’t get to you if it can’t find you.

9. Have a TV show marathon. Seriously, just watch 2 seasons straight of Gilmore Girls. Community. The Office. 30 Rock. Vampire Diaries. Don’t the actors all look so young in season one? And you TOTALLY forgot about that major plot development. It was such a BIG deal. BIG deal? Is that like a BIG decision? NO. You were NOT thinking about that. Quick, back to the show. Maybe time to watch another season. Or five.

10. Make a pro/con list. Ensure the pro side is equally balanced with the con side. Harder to make a BIG decision if there are no glaring benefits or drawbacks to any of your options.

11. Invite everyone you’ve ever known or met out for coffee, lunch, drinks, dinner, a movie, a walk in the park, to feed ducks… To do ANYTHING, really. Just so long as it keeps you busy. Because then you’re just way too busy to make any BIG decisions.

12. Decide that you’ve probably put the decision making off for too long. It’s time to grow a pair, face this head on and do some serious think—wait a minute. It’s been at least a week or so since you’ve blogged. Maybe you should go write a blog post. THEN it will be time to make a decision. Maybe.

13. Check Twitter. Check Tumblr. Hey, is that Facebook thing still a thing? Maybe you should check to see if it’s still a thing.

14. Repeat steps 1- 13. Then again. Then a third time, but just for some extra excitement, mix up the order of the steps. Then have a nap, walk your dog, ride a bike. Then repeat this step.

15. Decide that enough is enough, it’s time to suck it up. You can’t put this off forever, time to make a decision. …Ah, it’s late. Decide that maybe tomorrow or next week would be a better time.


Inspired by today’s Scintilla Project Prompt B: Tell the story about something interesting (anything!) that happened to you, but tell it in the form of an instruction manual (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3….)

The Scintilla Project is a fortnight of story sharing. For more info or to get involved, visit the Scintilla Project website.

The Science of Tequila

The Scintilla Project


“Tequila makes me do wild things…”

New boyfriend lifted an eyebrow as he ordered the shots, “Oh?”

“Yup, I become an entirely different woman…”

“Really,” he slid the salt shaker towards me.

“Yup,” I took the shaker and went to salt my hand.

“Wait! Do me!” My friend Shannon offered me her salted neck.

I shrugged, licked the salt, took the shot, and bit into a slice of lime.

“See? Wild things,” I smiled at Boyfriend.

“I think we’re busted…” He gestured towards the other end of the bar.

I turned to see our 3rd period physics teacher.

“Ruh roh…”


drabble is a short work of fiction of one hundred words in length¹.

The Scintilla Project is a fortnight of story sharing. For more info or to get involved, visit the Scintilla Project website.