The Science of Tequila

The Scintilla Project


“Tequila makes me do wild things…”

New boyfriend lifted an eyebrow as he ordered the shots, “Oh?”

“Yup, I become an entirely different woman…”

“Really,” he slid the salt shaker towards me.

“Yup,” I took the shaker and went to salt my hand.

“Wait! Do me!” My friend Shannon offered me her salted neck.

I shrugged, licked the salt, took the shot, and bit into a slice of lime.

“See? Wild things,” I smiled at Boyfriend.

“I think we’re busted…” He gestured towards the other end of the bar.

I turned to see our 3rd period physics teacher.

“Ruh roh…”


drabble is a short work of fiction of one hundred words in length¹.

The Scintilla Project is a fortnight of story sharing. For more info or to get involved, visit the Scintilla Project website.