Tunes Tuesdays are back!

Tunes Tuesdays are back! And by back, I mean, I’ve been meaning to actually write something for my poor, neglected personal blog for a while, but I’ve been getting writer’s block. I’ve been doing some blog content for a few clients’ blogs and have been ignoring or having no creative energy left for my own blog. But Tunes Tuesday gives me something to write about, so it’s back for at least this Tuesday.

In the past, my Tunes Tuesdays have featured either a new band I’ve been obsessed with or a list of tunes I’ve been really into lately. For Christmas, I was spoiled with a lot of iTunes cards, so I’ve been on music overload lately and it’s been just fabulous. Here are some of my recent additions to my playlists:

Rivers and Roads by the Head and The Heart

I first heard this song during a rewatch on Netflix of the TV show Chuck. This song plays during the final montage of the series finale and it is just the perfect use of music in a TV show. For those of you that haven’t seen Chuck, I won’t say anymore cuz that series is amazing and you should definitely go watch it (It’s now on American and Canadian Netflix). Rivers and Roads is on The Head and the Heart’s self titled debut album, and you can find it on iTunes. The Head and The Heart do a great job of combining lyrics and composition with this song. All the feels. And this is from me, who doesn’t do feelings.

What I Wouldn’t Do by Serena Ryder

Serena Ryder’s music is solid. I impulsively bought her entire album after falling in love with her song Stompa. Stylistically, she reminds me of female rockers from the 70s. She’s a fantastic artist, and I’d recommend any of her work. I am a fan of her sixth album, Harmony. Solid music, amazing artist. What I Wouldn’t Do is one of my current favourites from that album and the music video is pretty damn cool, too. (Also, did I mention that she’s Canadian? Need I say more?)

Safe and Sound by Capital Cities

This song is fun. It’s got a great beat and I’m a huge fan of this indie pop sound from this Californian band. This tune is from their debut album In a Tidal Wave of Mystery, available on iTunes.

What are you listening to lately?

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