Wine and Love: Five

I’d just like to start off by saying when did it get to be Thursday? Seriously.

But it certainly is Thursday (I checked.  Twice.) so that means it’s time for another instalment of Wine and Love created by Nora, and hosted by Suki. The concept is simple – each Thursday you post about what’s making you reach for the wine glass and what you’re loving.

Wine…Wine & Love

  • School and work; These remain a constant whine, so I’m combining them to save space and shake it up a bit. Work is just nightmarish.  I got thisclose to stress overload last week, but I’m pretty insistent that I won’t let it get the best of me.  School will be finished in about three weeks.  I have a group project due.  I don’t get the whole ‘group project’ deal at the college or post grad level.  Gah.
  • I’m sick.  I’ve got this cough where if I moved, I’d start coughing and couldn’t stop.  It’s gotten better but my back, chest and abs hurt from coughing so much.  I’m not a patient person when I’m sick.  I don’t like being slowed down



  • I’m still kinda surfing the birthday high from last week.  It was an awesome, awesome birthday.  I had a great time, two birthday celebrations.  I love any excuse to get together with my people.
  • Good news! I love getting good news, and yesterday was the day for it.
  • I’m buying a fridge.  I know, it seems strange, but I’m so excited to replace the old, clunky, gross one that came with the house.  If you know me and my germ issue, you should be impressed I’ve lived this long with someone else’s fridge.
  • I have placement tomorrow and I absolutely love being there


What are you whinging about and loving this week?