Wine and Love: Nine

Wine & LoveOops, I’ve kinda fallen off the BEDJ bandwagon, haven’t I?  It’s been pretty busy around here, so I haven’t gotten down to it.  Plus, I often whinge about failing at coming up with blog post topics.  Luckily, it’s Thursday, though… which means time for Wine and Love.

Wine and Love is hosted by Suki. The concept is simple – each Thursday you post about what’s making you reach for the wine glass and what you’re loving.  Head over to Suki’s blog to link up!


  • It’s the same week in and week out; work.  I sound like a broken record, I realise.  I’ve taken a close look at what I would need to do to change this and I’m realising that things will probably never change.  So I need to either suck it up and deal with it, or move on.  So I’m working on that.


  • It’s officially summer!   Looking forward to less traffic on the roads, slightly quieter office and the chance to get stuff done.
  • School’s out… Still waiting for those final grades.
  • It’s my fellow Vodka Girl and good friend, Heather’s birthday this weekend!  Go wish her a happy birthday!
  • Making music.  I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from this while life has been busy and I was really starting to miss it.  I’ve start just messing around on my beloved Doherty.  She’s in need of a tuning.  I also really want to relearn the uke.  I’ve been having fun with it.  I’m not sure if I’ll go back to the band or not, but right now I’m just enjoying playing around with different arrangements and harmonies.
  • Speaking of harmonies and music:

Amazing, aren’t they?  I’m so impressed by the control they have over their voices.  There is also a video of the younger girl, Maisy, doing a cover of my favourite Aussie singer/songwriter Missy Higgins’ Secret.  Actually, here it is:


What are you w(h)ining about and loving this week?