The Girl 

I’m a 30-something coffee enthusiast, dog person and music geek.  I am a freelance writer and communications advisor, with a love of Post-It Notes and a strange fascination with the idea of bullet journals. Though I still haven’t taken the plunge and started one.

I’m a basketball fan, tepid baseball fan and I game (my favourites are World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Sheriff of Nottingham, The Resistance, Settlers of Catan, Gloom and Cards Against Humanity).

I read a lot. I prefer fiction to non-fiction and love reading comics and graphic novels. Lately I’ve been reading Saga, Black Widow and the Guardians of the Galaxy books. I’m a Marvel girl at heart.

I like making and listening to music.  Pop music is my guilty pleasure, but I love most genres of music and I am particularly fond of cover artists.  I’m obsessed with the TV shows Gilmore Girls and Agent Carter, I love horrible chick flicks and Superhero movies.

As I mentioned, I love coffee, especially fair trade coffee.  You should try some.  It’s not any more expensive and it tastes a lot better.  Mmmm, social justice.

The Blog

This blog is a collection of traditional blog posts written by me or my friends or posts written as part of a project or challenge (like Nablopomo or Scintilla).  Every so often, I also publish original works of fiction (like my collection of drabbles).

The content in the blog is written by me, unless otherwise credited.  Please don’t borrow my blog’s content.  If you see something you like or would like me to write for you, contact me here, by email or on Twitter.

From time to time, I post reviews on the blog. I do so voluntarily to share information about a product, service or experience I’ve had. I am not paid or compensated for my reviews, unless otherwise stated. If you have a product you’d like me to review, please contact me here.

The Business

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