I was gonna be a drummer in a metal band

I swore I was going to be a drummer in a metal band someday. It looks like a lot of fun. You get to sit in back of the band and rock out. You sit on a stool while you play, so you don’t risk falling over while you’re doing all that head-banging. Plus, I’m already a percussionist. (Pianists are percussionists, so let me stop you right there).

But as with a lot of crazy dreams, real life took over and it just wasn’t in the cards. It’s hard to dedicate your time to becoming a drummer in a metal band when you’ve got to work a 9-5 job to pay off your crippling student debt, make time for your friends and family, while killing mayonnaise, department stores, fabric softener, marriage, sex and bar soap like a good elder millennial.

I’d had almost forgotten about this dream. Until tonight! My partner and I were scrolling through YouTube (Oops, cable TV is also something we millennials have killed, sorry!) and stumbled across a metal cover of Toto’s Africa. And we couldn’t not watch it. I mean. Toto. Metal. Cover.

As it turns out, Leo Moracchioli‘s Frog Leap Studios has hundreds of metal covers on his YouTube channel. And he covers all kinds of tunes. We may or may not have been listening to these covers for hours now. Some of my favourites so far have been:

Let It Go

Ghostbusters Theme


Losing My Religion

It’s A Hark-Knock Life

Shape of You


(Don’t Fear) The Reaper

Mamma Mia

Call Me Maybe

Baby Shark

So a list of ten may seem like a lot, but I was honestly restraining myself here. I didn’t post his Rick Astley cover. Or his Ace of Base Cover. Or his cover of the theme song of the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air.

Check out his channel and then tell me he hasn’t made you want to be a drummer in a metal band.



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Tunes Tuesday: Vol 1

Okay.  I’d like to put my geek hat on and talk about one of my most favourite things in the whole world; music.

I might do this on a regular-ish basis, but after my BEDJ fail, I’m hesitant to commit to anything.  Anyway.

I’ve often tried to describe what really grabs my attention about music.  I like the way songs are put together.  For me, the instruments,  the lyrics, the orchestration, the emotion all have to mesh together well for a song to work for me.  So while I appreciate the formulaic music brought to us by studio magic greats like the Biebs, Katy Perry and Carly Rae Jepsen, they don’t earn the same kind of respect I have for musicians that are going to step out of the box and do something fun, quirky and different.

So I nearly jumped out of my chair, doing a happy dance (Sorry, coworkers!) when I stumbled upon, quite by accident, the band Walk off the Earth.  I was doing my usual listening to music on Youtube while I worked and discovered this video:


Different, right?  This is the kind of thing I’m talking about, Biebs, take note (Actually, don’t.  I don’t reckon you can pull it off).  Next, I watched their version of the Weeds’ Theme song Little Boxes;



If I wasn’t totally sold on them already, I visited their website and read up on them a bit… Turns out they’re a local band from nearby Burlington, Canada.  The thing I love about Walk off the Earth’s approach to music is that it’s fun, different and experimental.  They have a nice hook.  So check out their music, visit their YouTube Channel and hopefully they’ll inspire people to switch off the ol’ studio magic greats and see what real, organic music can sound like.

I’ll leave you with this last one, that makes me so happy to have stumbled across such an interesting band;