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You may have noticed a slight change over here on the blog. That’s because I finally decided to catch up to 2012 and have changed the way people interact with my blog. I’ve been familiar with and using Disqus on other sites, and I know my friends over at Snark Squad use this tool, and I like the way it works. So I finally implemented it here on my own personal blog. Hey, maybe I’ll even post more frequently here. Who knows! Anything can happen.

Anyway. As per usual when I’ve been away for a while, let’s catch up with a Currently Project post.



Gilmore Girls on Netflix. All day, everyday.


Okay. And real talk: I was kind of looking forward to the premiere of one of my favourite guilty pleasure shows: The Bachelorette. But I’m two episodes in and it is probably the worst season ever. And it’s the Bachelorette so that is an incredibly low bar, I know, but still. The Bachelorette isn’t likeable like last year’s (Kaitlyn was the best Bachelorette ever, and you can’t convince me otherwise. I will fight you). But you don’t completely hate her, either. The bachelors have the combined personality of a cold bowl of soup. Not exactly compelling trash TV.


The graphic novels I was given for my birthday. I was spoiled this year. I’m getting stuck into Hawkeye and Guardians of the Galaxy is next.


I’ve had the same few songs on repeat. JT’s Can’t Stop The Feeling, Walk Off the Earth’s cover of Let it Go, and Dodged a Bullet by Greg Laswell. The Greg Laswell tune was featured on the season finale of The Blacklist and it is just an awesome, awesome song. Take a listen:


And because I can’t resist the opportunity to share with the world the brilliance that is Walk Off the Earth, here’s their cover of Let It Go:



Plans to try out the new hard rootbeer and training modules for  teaching my client how to post on his new website.



thumbs up


Projects for the summer because I don’t know how to vacation.


The sunshine, longer days, and the Gilmore Guys podcast. I wasn’t totally sold on this podcast at first. I gave it a go a few times and just couldn’t get through an entire episode. I was going to quit them, but then my friend recommended I skip their first season. I tried it again, starting on season two, and I’m so glad I did. The guys really find their groove as time went on and the podcasts are great.

What have you guys been up to lately?

Summer Tunes

If you’ve read this blog at all, followed me on Twitter or know me outside of the Interwebs, you’ll know that next to coffee and my dog, my third biggest obsession in life is music.  I like to make music, but I also love listening to it and pretty much always have music on in the background.  Because I’ve always had my own self-created life soundtracks due to this obsession, I end up with playlists that always remind me of a particular time in my life or a particular season.  These are the highlights of my Summer 2013 Soundtrack:

Tunes Tuesday: The Cover Phenomenon

I’m not focusing on a band specifically for this Tunes Tuesday. I’ve been watching a lot of covers on YouTube lately, so that’s where I’m going with this today.

I want to start by saying that yes, not every musician out there appreciates it when someone else takes their song and puts their own spin on it.  And I get it. When you pour your life’s work into that to be noticed in the music industry and then some kid comes along and hits it big by going viral over night with your piece… I can see why some musicians get frustrated.

I also get song integrity and that sometimes people can miss the mark when they’re interpreting a piece of music.  But I think there’s nothing wrong with putting your own spin on things, as long as you’re respectful of the original song and the person or people that created it.

I think it speaks to the quality in the raw ingredients… of the integrity of the song itself… when someone else can come along and change it and have it work out so well.

Music, for me, has a lot to do with intepretation. I like to see other artist’s takes on the same song.  As long as they don’t completely ruin it.  Glee, I’m looking at you.

Anyway.  The YouTube Cover Phenomenon.  I like to see artists taking a chance and doing something a little different.  They can’t all be studio magic perfected Biebers and Perrys, right?

I could go on about what I mean, but I’d rather show you.  (You’ll notice it’s all the same song.  I did that on purpose):

Walk Off The Earth’s Loop Cover of Payphone:

I blogged about Walk Off The Earth before, but I have to say, I love their style and their sound. Unique instruments, unique sound. I’ve got a lot of love and respect for their talent.

Boyce Avenue’s Version of Payphone:

Boyce Avenue do a lot a great covers.  This one was an acoustic interpretation of the Maroon 5 song.  It’s a fairly straight acoustic, but slightly different take on the song.


Paradise Fears cover:


I like the vibe of this cover, fuller sound and proof that guitars make a good stand in for the drums.  Slightly different sound and again, it’s interesting.


What do you think about the YouTube Covers Phenomenon?  Who are your favourite cover artists?