Secret Santa

My dad’s parents settled in the north end of the city shortly after they were married.  They were married in September 1956, so their first married Christmas happened just a few months after their wedding.  A few days before December 25th that year, my grandparents received a notice from the department store Sears that their stove had been paid off.   They asked around, trying to find out who had been so generous by paying off their stove, but no one seemed to have any idea who’d paid it.  It was a mystery.

The next Christmas, my grandparents were celebrating their first Christmas as parents.  It was my dad’s very first Christmas.  Again, a few days before Christmas, they received a delivery from Sears.  It was a Christmas present for my Dad, from this secret Santa.  My grandparents still had no idea where the special deliveries were coming from.  By each Christmas growing up, my dad and his siblings would always receive a mystery delivery from this generous secret Santa.

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In Memoriam

Dear kids,

Let me tell you a little bit about your father.

He was the man with a kind heart, and was quick with a smile.

He was the man whose face lit up each time he was around your mother.

The man who was so excited to be a dad.

The man who loved you both, in a way you won’t probably understand until you become parents yourselves.

The man with the goofy, childlike grin and the floppy curly blond hair, whose motto was simple; Life is short, love is forever.

Love is forever.  Never forget that, and you will never forget him.



Let’s write a love letter

It’s a foggy autumn morning, and I’m going through the motions.

Dragging myself out of bed, getting ready in the bathroom, wrestling my hair into some style that won’t scare small children, dressing, getting the dog ready, checking that I have all three sets of keys…

But today, I have a little bonus to look forward to, a slightly longer weekend, because I’m done work at noon today.  I can’t wait to be done with my work day, so I can get home, brew a hot cup of tea and curl up with my stack of stationary.

I’m going to write some love letters to perfect strangers.

Yup, I know.  It seems like an odd thing to do, even odder from a cynic like me, but here’s something you may not know about me… I belonged to the More Love Letters Team.  I’d stepped away from it lately.  I felt like things were too busy, that I was going through too much, that I had such a horrible writer’s block that nothing was coming.  So I took a step back from writing love letters.

Until I received my own love letter and was reminded home much of an impact a little hand-written message of love can do for a person going through something tough.

I’d been through a few weeks of emotional rollercoasters; work stress was getting to me, my granddad passed away, we got some really sad news from an expectant friend and my brother’s wedding fell just days after my granddad’s funeral.  Big feelings, all across the spectrum; extreme sadness and joy.

Then last week, I came home from a horrible day to find a love letter in the mail from my friend (And MLL teamster).  It was such a great surprise to come home to.  A little note from someone saying they were thinking about me.  It made my week.

And it reminded me of how important an impact More Love Letters can have.

So I started thinking about writing love letters again.  I picked up a new package of notecards.  And then this week, I got the More Love Letters October Bundle email.  A call to write love letters for three amazing people that are going through some tough times.  Just like I had been going through. 

Three people that need a little encouragement, a little support and some love in the form of love letters crafted for just them by perfect strangers.

Take a few seconds to head over to the More Love Letters website, take a few minutes and pen a love letter for one, two, or all three of this month’s Love Letters bundle requests.

It’s just a little bit your of time and cursive, but for Kate, Jason and Deborah, it will make all the difference.

Time to get writing.