Wine and Love: Three

It’s Thursday — so time for another instalment of Wine and Love created by Nora, and hosted by Suki. The concept is simple – each Thursday you post about what’s making you reach for the wine glass and what you’re loving. 


  • The last few years, I’ve sunk into this pre-birthday mourning period.  This year has been no different.  Birthdays aren’t nearly as cool now as they were when I was 10, 11, 12 and having amazeball days filled with sparkles, finger painting and sleep-over parties.  Blerg, I’m all emo.  Someone please put me out of my misery.
  • I’m almost two weeks into my nightmare of 8 weeks at work and I’m already feeling burnt out.  This does not look good for the six weeks.
  • I’ve not been sleeping well, and last night I had horrible, horrible, wake-up-screaming type nightmares. Sleep is a good thing.  I need to get more of it.



  • I’ve fallen in love with writing drabbles again.  They’re super fun to write and I seem to be writing a bunch of them.
  • I survived the hellish week that was last week and managed to pull off our big corporate event without anything too awful happening.  Not bad, considering the job for running it was handed to me a week before it was to happen.  It also gave me the opportunity to make better connections with higher-ups and my boss’s bosses.
  • Jason Mraz’s new album makes my heart happy.