Free; A Drabble

She was at the club, letting her hair down and breaking in a new pair of heels. She’d played pool, chatted with the bartender; had spent a lot of time on the dance floor. She could feel him watching her. He eventually caught up to her, grabbed her by the wrist, “Hey.”


“You didn’t see me?”

“No, I saw you.”

“And didn’t say hi?”

“You have company tonight.”

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

They stood there a minute, she looked down at his hand on her wrist.

“Let me buy you a drink,” he said.

She freed herself, “Not tonight.”


drabble is a short work of fiction of one hundred words in length¹.

Ten on Tuesday: Random

Ten on Tuesday is hosted by Chelsea and these random questions were provided by her.

1. Who is your favorite talk show host?
Stephen Colbert.  I have the hugest nerd crush on him, I can’t help it.  I love Rove McManus.  He retired from his talk show back in 2009, but he’s actually popped up on some American talk shows since.

2. How do you style your hair on a daily basis?
I like to wash and sleep on my wash, cuz that’s how it curls the nicest.  I start off wearing it loose, but inevitably, I’ve gt to catch it and twist it up before it takes over the world.

3. If you were stuck in your bedroom for a week, what would you need in order to not go crazy?
My mobile, laptop and a few books, I’d be good.  I broke my foot two years ago and ended up spending almost two weeks in my bedroom, I survived with DVDs and my laptop.

4. What are the best non-reality shows on television?
Castle, HIMYM, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, Parks and Rec, Community, 30 Rock.

5. Do you mow your own lawn and clean your own house?
Condo fees cover the cost of our lawn care, but have to clean the house like a sucker.  I’m okay with that, cuz I am particular about how things are cleaned.  But I do hope to have a cleaning person come in every other week in the future.  My parents have had a cleaning person on and off and I know it’s a big help.

6. As an adult, what is the best part of summer?
Drinks on the patio, BBQs in friends and family’s backyards, cottage weekends, longer days, more sun.

7. If you could ask one celebrity one question, who and what would you ask?
I don’t really know…

8. Post a picture.

9. How many books do you read a year?
It depends.  Sometimes I stumble across a series and can read ten books in two weeks.  Other years, I don’t find anything too interesting and I may only read four or five books.

10. Which national chain makes the best delivery pizza?
Hmmm, I do like the generic Pizza Pizza.  They do whole grain, thin crust pizza and they don’t make it taste like crap.  But it doesn’t compare to real pizza.

Wine and Love: Four

It’s time for another instalment of Wine and Love created by Nora, and hosted by Suki. The concept is simple – each Thursday you post about what’s making you reach for the wine glass and what you’re loving.


  • Work: I’m afraid this is going to be on my wine list for a while.  It’s insane, I’m feeling really burnt out and really unappreciated and very, very underemployed.  I could go on, but I sound like a broken record.
  • School: Deja vu, n’est pas?  It’s been pretty intense, and the hours that I would usually give to school have been taken up by all the overtime I’m working at work.  By the time I’m done my 9-13 hour day, I’m ready to go home and sleep.  Not study, or participate in class or do homework.  Luckily, school will be over in a month.  I just hope to pass at this point.  Which is sad, cuz I’m used to getting HDs (That’s 85% or higher, in Aussie speak).



  • This is going to be vague, but ah, well.  Sometimes I do think things work out a certain way for a reason.  Sometimes, when something seems like the end of the world, something else will come out of it a little while later that proves that maybe the end of the world thing had to happen for something better, or something more helpful to happen.  I’m so glad this has been the situation in my case.
  • It’s my birthday! It’s kinda a wine and a love.  I have this strange anxiety about turning 30, which I am now a YEAR away from.  But I’m also looking forward to going to the pub for dinner tonight with friends and family.  I haven’t seen my BFF in a while and he’s coming along, I’m super excited about that.  And then on Saturday, I’ll be seeing the rest of my family and my cousins.  Really looking forward to that.